Allina Gallery (across from Lab and downstairs)

Architecture Photography by Todd Jacobs

Todd’s love of photography started as a young child when he began using his first instamatic to take pictures of his family’s many pets. He went on to contribute for his high school newspaper and yearbook. Technical study consists of 2 years of schooling at Hennepin Technical College. Todd’s keen eye for lighting, colors, and subject matter perspective are the driving forces behind his natural ability to capture these great photographs.

Todd’s primary focus in the are of photography revolves around landscapes and nature. His fascination with colors, shadows, and shapes empowers him to communicate an emotional connection through his photographs. He has traveled through the United States and the Caribbean. He also spent two weeks capturing Africa’s breathtaking sights in 2008 (Kenya and Egypt). His collection includes images that reflect his love of, and concern for, the earth and its relationship to our environment.

Todd’s dream is to focus solely on photography as a career. He is now at a point in his life where he can devote more time to his true passion. Todd and his family enjoy camping and spending time outdoors. His wife, Julie, their three sons, as well as other family members/friends, have been his greatest sources of encouragement and support.


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