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On the Road From Henderson Hill
Oil Paintings by Gwen Chynoweth

Artist Statement

A Wisconsin native who calls Minnesota home, Gwen Chynoweth recently retired from a 35-year career in journalism and public relations to pursue painting, a passion she’s had since childhood. Gwen’s inspiration comes from immersing herself in the natural wonders of the outdoors.

Among the many subjects that intrigue her, Gwen is particularly drawn to rural scenes that remind her of home. “On the Road From Henderson Hill” is the result of two photo safari road trips through southwestern Minnesota and the Platte River valley in Nebraska, where the quiet beauty of subtle landscapes invites visitors to breathe deeply and reconnect to life’s basics.

Largely self-taught and working mostly in oils, Gwen enjoys playing with styles and techniques to simply see what happens. “Sometimes, I start with an idea and end up with something completely different than my initial intention. I love how a painting can take on a life of its own and teach me new things.” She is currently exploring the use of painting knives. “I love how they enable you to apply thick, thick paint to practically sculpt your subjects in a moderately abstract fashion.”

Allina Whole Person Gallery (downstairs)

oil paintings by Miho Libbey


Artist Statement:

My artwork is based on my stories.

I grew up in Southern Japan, where the sun is bright almost year round. When I was little, there were a small stream and a rice field on the back side of my house. I loved to see a lot of pink and purple flowers blooming under the sun on the rice field every spring. This is the landscape that speaks of the very basic stratum of my identity. Flowers take me back to my childhood and make me find myself.

Born in Kumamoto, Japan

B.A. in Art Education, Kumamoto University, Japan

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