Although we have arrived here in numerous ways, we want to humbly acknowledge that we gather on the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Dakota people and honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout generations. We also acknowledge the diverse and vibrant Native Communities that make their home here today. We recognize the ongoing injustices that have been committed against the Dakota Nation, and we wish to interrupt this legacy. For many generations, Native Americans have lived, worked, created art, and shared stories on this land for which they were and are the caretakers. It is our hope that we, also storytellers and artists, apply equal care at this time and always. 




The Guild is committed to a Minnesota where peace, equity and kindness prevail and we stand with our community in demanding justice at all times and actively rejecting racism and oppression.  While the Guild has long been a platform and advocate for all voices within our community, after 60+ years our board and staff acknowledge we can and must do better. We recognize we have the power to break the mold and make systemic change to increase equity, diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our organization. We recognize real change will take time, that we have a considerable amount of work to do, and this work will be long-term, ongoing and collaborative. We accept that responsibility and will work as an organization to reflect the values we aspire to live by.  Our organization is in the midst of creating a three-year plan to envision the Guild now and into the future, and we invite your feedback for how we can do better in reaching full equity, diversity and inclusion. What does a community art center of the future look like to you? Let us know at We will follow up with more ways to share your critical feedback in the weeks and months ahead, and to keep you posted as we move toward our collective goals. We are excited for all we can continue to build together.