This series is offered as a FREE opportunity for professional and amateur artists of all artistic disciplines to increase their learning on a variety of topics, as well as engage in networking, resource sharing and socialization amongst creative peers throughout the region! All workshops will be available through Zoom, and all workshops are sponsored by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC)

¡Esta serie se ofrece como una oportunidad GRATUITA para que artistas profesionales y aficionados de todas las disciplinas artísticas aumenten su aprendizaje sobre una variedad de temas, así como también participen en redes, intercambio de recursos y socialización entre pares creativos en toda la región! Todos los talleres estarán disponibles a través de Zoom, y todos los talleres están apoyados por el Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC).

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Workshop Topics, Presenters, and Venues:

“The Profitable Palette: Crafting and Leading Art Workshops That Sell” – Thursday, June 6 | 6-8pm – Red Wing Arts

Creating and executing successful art workshops requires a delicate balance of creativity, business acumen, and passion for the craft. In “The Profitable Palette” discussion panel, experienced artists will share their insights on how to curate engaging and lucrative workshops that not only showcase artistic skills but also resonate with the audience. This panel will provide valuable tips and strategies for artists looking to turn their passion into a profitable venture. Join us for an informative and fun discussion that will help you determine if teaching workshops is a good option for you!

Peggy Simonson is a retired Red Wing teacher, whose studio overlooks beautiful Lake Pepin. Her medium varies depending on the subject she is painting, from watercolor, oil using either brush or knife, collage, and mixed media. Her subject matter includes flowers, local scenery, birch trees, abstracts. and semi abstract. So, when she is ‘stuck’ she switches it around!

Tami Resler has been working with clay professionally for 30 years, running her own business, teaching in schools and art centers, chairing art festivals and tours, all the while experimenting and having fun with clay! First and foremost, she is interested in connecting people with the arts; mentoring and encouraging artists and all stages of their journey and no matter the media. Resler grew up in the Minneapolis area and now lives in Faribault, MN, where she and a group of like-minded women recently started a non-profit to do just that!

“Managing an Arts Co-op/Collective” – Thursday, July 11 | 6-8pm – Mantorville Art Guild

“Getting Your Work Into the Public”– Thursday, Aug 8 | 6-8pm- Albert Lea Art Center

“Putting A Value On Your Work” – Thursday, September 5 | 6-8pm – Winona Arts Center

How do you place a value on a creative work that has come from your own heart and inspiration? How do we, as artists, measure our art in terms of time, financial investment, and worth? Hear from two artists who have learned a great deal on this topic through their experiences and artistic practices.

Jovy Rockey is a artisan jeweler and owner of ORNO Gift + Home in Winona, MN. Since 2011, Jovy has been creating and selling her jewelry direct to clients, at fine art and craft festivals, small markets, and in boutiques and galleries. Her experience as an artist and as a shop owner has given her a robust understanding of the importance and the challenges of how you place value on your work. In June of 2019, Jovy wrote a feature article in the online publication, Handmade Sellers Magazine, which highlights the thought process behind raising her prices and the ways it benefitted her business. Over the years, Jovy has empowered many artists to priortize thier art and to understand how pricing impacts their livlihood.

Anne Scott Plummer is a ceramic artist who creates both functional pottery and sculpture. She has made a livelihood from these pursuits for several decades, and has approached the question of putting a value on her work from many angles. She has sold her work through galleries, stores, art fairs, online, and from her studio. Her current studio is Island City Clayspace, a storefront in downtown Winona, where she periodically organizes a pop-up gallery, and also sells her work at other local galleries, art fairs and the farmer’s market. She is a retired art professor, and has helped many students investigate the critical issue of valuing their work. “Artwork has a personal value for artists, but that is not the same as the market value of a piece of art. Research can help artists understand the potential market value of their work, and to identify the best market places to sell their work,” she suggests. “Showing their work, and talking to other artists, gallerists, and arts professionals can help an artist value their work
for the marketplace.”

“What is An Artist?” – Thursday, October 3 | 6-8pm – Northfield Arts Guild


“Making a Living As An Artist” – Thursday, January 11 | 6-8pm – Northfield Arts Guild

(If you missed this workshop, you can watch the video here. Passcode: 59*TFTq^

Join local Tattoo Artist and Business Owner Oliver Casillas Aguirre & international Commercial and Fashion Photographer, Art Director, and Marketer Belal Adel for an informative session discussing the ins and outs (and upside downs) of “making it” as an artist!

Oliver Casillas is a local tattoo artist and owner of Tinta Sagrada Tattoo And Art Collective. He’s been tattooing since he was 14 years old and have recently started doing freelance graphic design for local and small businesses. As a troubled teen, he spent most of his time drawing, exploring nature, cruising around town on a skateboard, and doing just about any extreme sport or activity he could think of. His intention behind what he does, what it means, and the cause it serves is of utmost importance. “If you’re going to do something, do it with passion and enthusiasm. We are here to explore and unleash our infinite potential”. This is his guiding philosophy.

Belal Adel is an international commercial and fashion photographer and art director. His diverse portfolio includes work from Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Throughout his travels, he’s managed to merge cultural influences into visually compelling narratives. With his B.A. in Business, Belal created new channels with existing worldwide clients via marketing. He uses his marketing experience to go deeper into his projects by seeking and understanding the objective behind the images he’s creating. By doing so, Belal is able to run an international business as an artist.

“Self-Publishing for Independent Artists” – Thursday, February 8 | 6-8pm – Paradise Center for the Arts, Faribault –

If you missed this workshop, you can watch the video recording here:

Passcode: eJ&Rf8$G

Join Rocky Casillas Aguirre and Jennie Autonoe as they speak on their experiences as self-published authors and illustrators. Find out where their passions lie when it comes to creating words and imagery in book form, as well as what challenges accompany being a print artist in today’s high-tech world. Learn about the abundant opportunities to being a Do-It-Yourself artist! In-Person and On-line options available.

Jennie Autonoe is an independent artist, poet, illustrator and apprentice tattoo artist who started self-publishing her writings and artwork in the mid 1990’s at age 16, when zine culture was flourishing and Kinkos was open 24 hours a day for xeroxing pleasure! She more recently self-published her first children’s book “So, You’ve Gone and Joined the Circus, Now, What?! (An A to Z Guide to Big Top Life)” in 2019, and a book of her poetry “Ordinary Magic” in 2023. She is an avid proponent of independent publishing and do-it-yourself culture, and is eternally excited by examples of “by my own bootstraps” behavior!

Rocky Casillas Aguirre is an emerging, Latine and LGBTQIA+ artist originally from Tijuana, Mexico. In 2023, he self-published his first comic book titled, “Twitch and the Mystic Weenie,” which follows a flame on an epic journey of self-discovery. He also self-published a children’s book called, “Where Did Anxiety Go? in four languages to teach kids about anxiety and how to overcome it. Both books have been featured in articles by Northfield News, the MN Women’s Press, and the Department of Public Transformation (DoPT). Self-publishing mindfulness and mental health books for youth is the mission of his studio Rokaturas™ and something he believes anyone who can dream it, can achieve!

“Grant Writing for Artists”– Thursday, March 7 | 6-8pm- Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, Rochester

What goes into a successful grant application? What grants are available to artists in Minnesota? What should you ask for? Do you pay yourself? Learn about some of the awesome grants and granting agencies available for artists and arts organizations here in Minnesota, right from “the horse’s mouth”! Panelists Anastasia Shartin, from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council and Adam Wiltgen from the Minnesota State Arts Board will speak directly about the grant opportunities offered by their organizations, and artist Cecilia Cornejo Sotelo will offer information from an artist’s point of view. This workshop is not to be missed!

As a Program Officer at the Minnesota State Arts Board, Adam Wiltgen administers grant programs that give Minnesotans opportunities to engage in the arts through programming provided by Minnesota artists, arts organizations, and other public and nonprofit entities. A fellow of the Salzburg Global Forum for Cultural Innovators & an alum of the Blandin Community Leadership Program, Adam lives in Red Wing and has spent nearly his entire arts career engaged in relationship-based work in rural communities. At the Arts Board, Adam most enjoys making connections across the state and being a part of a dynamic hybrid-remote team of public servants supporting opportunities in the arts.

Anastasia Shartin is the new Executive Director of SEMAC’s board of directors. Her position started with SEMAC on June 5th, 2023. Anastasia is a community oriented connector, curator, arts programmer, and more. Having worked most recently in a primarily rural place with suburban and urban crossover of artists and audiences, she has experience navigating the nuance of rural-to-urban spaces, similar to that of the SEMAC region. Anastasia has a strong desire to help SEMAC support local artists and arts organizations bring their artistic visions to fruition. “Throughout my career, I have worked directly with thousands of artists and performers to plan and produce nearly as many gallery exhibitions, public events, performances, educational programs, partnership projects, and community collaborations,” said Anastasia, continuing with, “I deeply believe engaging with the arts has the power to create positive change in an individual and in society, and it is essential to thriving communities.”

Cecilia Cornejo Sotelo is a Chilean-American documentary filmmaker, artist and educator based in Northfield, Minnesota, the occupied ancestral land of the Wahpekute Band of the Dakota Nation. Locally rooted yet globally minded, her work examines notions of home and the immigrant experience while exploring the traces of historical trauma on people and places. An inaugural recipient of the 2020 McKnight Fellowship for Community-Engaged Artists, Cecilia’s work has received support from the Minnesota State Arts Board, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, the Jerome Foundation, and the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council. Her film work, currently distributed by Women Make Movies, has shown at MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight and at multiple venues nationally and abroad.

“Marketing and Promoting”– Thursday, April 11 | 6-8pm- Lanesboro Arts

If you missed this workshop, you have access to a recording here:

What are some of the best ways to market ourselves and our work as artists? What goes into a successful marketing campaign? What are the best platforms to pursue on social media, and what are some things to avoid? Hear from goldsmiths, jewelers and business owners Liz Bucheit & Michael Seiler (founder of Eye Prize Marketing) on some tried and true ways and means for artists to successfully market and promote themselves and their work using social media and other tools.

Liz Bucheit creates jewelry and body adornment inspired by her  Scandinavian ancestry and keeps close ties to her heritage by drawing  inspiration from Nordic folklore and myth. A goldsmith for over 30 years,  she holds a Master’s degree in metalworking and jewelry from the  University of Iowa, Iowa City and has trained in traditional jewelry and  metalworking techniques in Norway and Ireland. Liz has won numerous  competitions and been awarded grants from the Minnesota State Arts  Board, McKnight Foundation, Sons of Norway and the SE Minnesota Arts  Council. She was recently awarded a Folk Arts and Cultural Traditions in the  Upper Midwest Fellowship from the American Scandinavian Foundation to  study Sámi silver adornment in Northern Norway. She has exhibited in  museums and cultural centers and her bridal tiaras and wedding jewelry are  in many collections. Liz is an active speaker on the topic of Norwegian  filigree work and conducts workshops and classes in jewelry design and  fabrication. She owns and operates Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro,  MN.

Master goldsmith and art fair veteran of over 20 years, Michael Seiler turned his creative endeavors  towards founding Eye Prize Marketing in 2019. Recognizing the need for artists to successfully market  themselves prior to and during Covid, Michael developed user friendly programs designed to assist  artists in navigating the challenging landscape of website design and e-commerce. His expertise in target  marketing and key word research equips artists to achieve successful sales results and optimum web  presence. Michael was recently awarded a Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council grant in 2023 to assist  artists in identifying and creating anchor products for marketing online. Michael Seiler is co-owner of  Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, MN and has been working in the metal arts since 1995. He has been  awarded grants from the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board for his signature  stone cutting and lapidary talent. He is currently the chair of the Lanesboro Entrepreneur Action  Network.

“Art and Technology” Thursday, May 9 | 6-8pm – Owatonna Arts Center

How do we, as artists, integrate our art in a technologically advancing world? Do we utilize the tools available in tech, and if so, how to best navigate digital media, AI, syncing technology and more? What are some of the advantages and challenges for an artist when it comes to using different forms of tech to create, produce and distribute their artistic endeavors? Hear from two artists who have experiences in the world of technology and can answer these questions and more.

Joshua T. Berglan, widely recognized as “The World’s Mayor,” is a dynamic figure in the realm of media and a fervent advocate for social causes. His passion for media literacy, particularly in empowering inner-city youth, people with mental health issues, ex-convicts, HIV-affected individuals, and trafficking victims, forms the core of his mission. Through his expertise in the future of media, Joshua emphasizes how media serves as a powerful vehicle for realizing dreams and creating opportunities to monetize one’s talents and intellectual property, without the necessity of a degree or substantial financial investment.

Cedric Briand is a French/Breton expat currently living in the Minneapolis South Metro, and Greenvale Manitou is his main music project, which he created and lead. Cedric comes with eclectic tastes and loves to fuse World music with popular “Western” genres. His lyrics show hints of poetry and sociopolitical comments, something he acquired from the French chanson. As a teenager, he was trained by several professional North and Central African percussionists. His favorite signature is to play djembe or dun dun, but he also likes to incorporate Celtic, Nordic, Latin, Asian or Native American vibes and beats to his game. As a matter of fact, he very often plays his guitars and writes his lyrics as if they were a percussion ensemble. To Cedric, poetry often blooms best when rhythmic patterns come first.