Art Attack – Northfield All-School Art Show

The Northfield All-School show is coming up next.  Join us for an amazing exhibition of student work in our main gallery. Our annual Imagination Celebration – family day and open house – is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th from 10-2.

Special Public Art Exhibition

Are you familiar with penny presses? You know, the machines you find at tourist locations that you crank and press out a penny with a logo on it? Artist, Alyssa Baguss, has put a new twist on an old machine. The Minnesota Artists Penny Press (MAPP) Greater MN Edition, features the artwork of four Minnesota artists that can be imprinted onto crushed copper coins. During 2022-23, MAPP will travel to four locations in greater Minnesota (Park Rapids, St Joseph, Duluth, and Northfield) allowing guests to collect contemporary Minnesota artwork made in their communities. For just two quarters plus one penny, a curious buyer can turn the crank that turns the gears, churning out their own itty-bitty piece of collectible local art. All proceeds go towards supporting future experimental public art projects.

Check out the local artist Penny Press in the Guild Lobby throughout February!