Become a Guild Member – a “GUILDY” – Today!

As a member-supported organization, the Northfield Arts Guild relies on your support to help make our programming in music, theater, visual arts and arts education possible.

Our membership program is new, fresh, and accessible. We are hoping to open our doors to more people than ever before – to have all Northfielders consider Guild membership. We know that growing our reach and expanding our audiences will offer the promise of a brighter future for everyone at the Guild – everyone in Northfield. You’ve told us that a creative Northfield where arts and culture matter is important to you. Our members make art happen!

Our members are our friends, supporters, volunteers, artists, teachers, students, donors… People who believe in the power and impact of the arts; People who see the Guild as an outlet for expression and a space for belonging. 

If you are a member, you support us because you believe in what we do. If you believe in what the Guild can do – please consider membership. You are what we do. You are a Guildy. 

Find the right membership level for you!

STUDENT   $24 annually
Benefits for one student, 18+ with a current student ID
– Class discounts for one
– One discounted ticket per regular season play production and CVRO concerts

GUILDY   $6 monthly / $72 annually
Benefits for one or two individuals in same household
– Class discounts for up to two from same household
– Discounted tickets for one or two members of the same household per regular season play production and CVRO concerts

GUILDY PLUS   $10 monthly / $120 annually
Benefits for two adults and all youth 18 and under at the same residence
– Class discounts for each household member
– Discounted tickets for each household member for each regular season play production and CVRO concerts

To learn more about membership, please contact or call us at 507.645.8877