Riverwalk Fine Arts Festival will be held September 9th & 10th, 2023

If you are an artist interested in being a part of our 2023 Riverwalk Fine Art Festival, please visit the ZAPP website to fill out your application, link bellow. 


2023 Riverfront Fine Arts Festival

SEPTEMBER 9 & 10, 10 am – 5 pm both days

Our Riverfront Fine Arts Festival began in the 1970’s! Currently, it takes place in September and runs in conjunction with the Defeat of Jesse James Days. Set along the idyllic Cannon River walkway, dozens of fine artists and craftspersons sell their work – ceramics, jewelry, paintings, fiber, wood and steel – there is something for everyone! The 2022 Artists include:

Allison Albright Painting
Ames Sheldon Books
Andrea Pesses Artisan Food
Ann Holter Textiles
Becky Korbel Jewelry
Candace Sykora Mixed Media
Carla Cooper Jewelry
Charlie Kundinger Books
Cyrus Raivo Metal
Dave Angell Photography
Dennis McClintock Photography
Faith Plowman Soap/Bath
Geralyn Thelen Glass
Greg Kirchhoff Wood
Haley Harnagel Fiber
Haley Olson Hicks Jewelry
Hannah Winter Textiles
Heather Lawrenz Jewelry
Holly Canfield Ceramics
Jacob Jensen Ceramics
Jane Deal Painting
Jennie Eubank Autonoe Mixed Media
Jennifer Cleasby Kurth Painting
Jennifer Turner Jewelry
Jessica Bettinger Mixed Media
Jessica Zimmerley Artisan Food
John Tapager Metal
Josie Sommers Other
Judy Coughlin Jewelry
Julie Petit Thomsen Jewelry
Kari Kruempel Mixed Media
Katie Teesdale Ceramics
Layl McDill Mixed Media
Lillian Kramer Painting
Linda Varner Artisan Food
Lisa O’Hanlon Jewelry
Lynn Laudenschlager Textiles
Lynn Lentz Jewelry
Lynn Mueller Glass
Marla Juhl Textiles
Marquel Porter Fiber
Matthew Bunch Mixed Media
Matthew Klooster Painting
Meghan Hayes Jewelry
Meigan Westermann Jewelry
Melissa Martinson Ceramics
Nancy Stroessner Textiles
Patrick Nielson Photography
Priyadarshini Murahari Photography
Raghda Skeik Painting
Robert Dammer Wood
Ryan Ditman Candles
Sarah Rosenthal Photography
Shelly Nelson Jewelry
Solveig Dittmann Jewelry
Stephanie Freud Textiles
Susan Roskens Jewelry
Tara Thieling Other
Tasia Hart Jewelry
Terri Crandall Glass
Tyler Bakken Painting
Vanessa Kamara Jewelry
Vickey Sheppard Wood
Whitney Docken Jewelry