Twenty middle school and high school actors dressed as school children singing the song "Revolting Children" from Matilda, the Musical onstage.

Purple Door Youth Theater

An educational program of the Northfield Arts Guild Theater

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In Purple Door Youth Theater, students are led by our staff of theater artists to produce a quality theatrical production. Students receive training and hands-on experiences in acting, technical and administrative theater. Students may choose an acting or a technical theater track. In addition to mounting the show, PDYT emphasizes building character off stage with skills like collaboration, critical thinking and citizenship. Check out what’s coming up!


The Prince and the Pauper performances for March 13-15 have been canceled.

The Northfield Arts Guild is strongly committed to the health and well-being of its participants, staff, families and audiences, and we hope you understand this decision. As a result, the Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel The Prince and the Pauper performances this weekend as a preventative measure and safety precaution to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Our education program relies on earned income from Purple Door Youth Theater so if you are interested and able to donate the cost of your ticket, please let me know by Friday, March 20, after which time refunds will be issued for all purchased tickets. 

Thank you to everyone for their hard work on this show! We have an incredibly talented community of young theater artists.


In Order of Appearance

Mark Twain: Isaac Schleif
Edward: Connor Percy
Tamara: Jillian Ros
Tamara: Claire Casson
Tamara: Audrey Sorenmann
Lady Jane Grey: Noa Marohl
King Henry VIII: Fletcher Aylin
Lord Hertford: Theo Miller
John Canty: Joran Peterson
Nancy Canty: Megan Janssens
Herald: Seth Knutson
Merchant: Sam Froehle
Landlord: Abby Stai
Guard: Theo Rustad
Guard: Jack Peterson
Noble: Zachary Perkins
Noble: Alex Oehmke
Noble: Kyra Reverman
Noble: Abigail Kauffeld
Peasant: Soren Perkins
Peasant: Autumn Mastin
Assistant Stage Manager: Josephine Kelly



Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2019 fall PDYT production of Matilda, the Musical, which performed from Nov. 22-Dec. 1. Winner of 55 Awards, including Best Musical, Matilda celebrates a precocious, young girl who loves to read. Through the gift of telekinesis, she overcomes atrocious obstacles caused by her family and school, and helps her teacher to reclaim her life.


Miss Agatha Trunchbull: JAMES MUTH
Miss Jennifer Honey: MACKENZIE PERKINS
Mr. Harry Wormwood: ISAAC UDELHOFEN
Mrs. Zinnia Wormwood: GRACE MUTH
Michael Wormwood: ANDY AMUNDSON
Rudolpho / The Escapologist: BRADY DIETZ (doubles)
Sergei: JOSIE KELLY (doubles as Mum 4)
Henchman 1: HAZEL SHUFFELTON (doubles as Party Guest and Cook)
Henchman 2: ALEX OEHMKE (doubles as Dad 2)
Henchman 3: THEO RUSTAD (doubles as Party Guest)

The Little Kids
Lavender: JOSIE HAUCK (Doubles as Dr’s backup singer)
Bruce Bogtrotter:  WYATT NORRIE
Amanda Thripp: ADDISON PERKINS (Doubles as Dr’s backup singer)
Hortensia: RUTHIE LIPPERT (doubles as Party Guest)
Tommy: KYRA REVERMAN (Doubles as Nurse/Dr’s backup singer)
Alice: ANNIE DEMAS (Doubles as Dr’s backup singer)
Jamie: MAE BOWERS (Doubles as Party Guest)

The Big Kids
RACHEL WOLFF (doubles as Mum 1)
INGRID RUSTAD (doubles as Mum 2)
GENEVIEVE KNUTSON (doubles as Party Guest)
ANNA PITSAVIS-WAKELY (doubles as Acrobat’s voice and Dr’s backup singer)
SAM FROEHLE (doubles as Dad 2)
Scary Big Kid: FLETCHER AYLIN (doubles as Dad 3)

More Big Kids
AVA NEUMANN (doubles as a Children’s Party Entertainer)
JILLIAN ROS (doubles as Mum 3)
CLAIRE CASSON (doubles as Party Guest)
CARSTEN WALTER (doubles as Dad 1)

Dedicated Technicians


Purple Door Youth Theater is an immersive educational theater experience. Elementary, middle and high school students are involved with every aspect of producing a show like performing, designing, building, marketing and ushering in a safe and supportive environment. Project Purple Door is an extension of PDYT and focuses on ensemble-based storytelling, building productions through imaginative theatricality and minimal stagecraft.

Who works with the students? Director Rachel Haider manages PDYT and teaches acting, character and production skills. Joining the artistic team for Matilda, the musical is Music Director Liz Shepley and Choreographer Jana Hirsch. Deb Clark is our technical director and teacher, and Kate Stuart is our costumer and teacherThe Prince and the Pauper is led by Director Rachel Haider and Stage Manager Kate Stuart.


PDYT is a tuition and audition/interview based educational theater program. Registration is available to those in the cast or crew following auditions/tech interviews. Scholarships may be available.


“Thanks for a great experience and a hilarious show!”

“(My daughter) had an absolutely fabulous time, and it’s been great to see her so happy and learning so much!”

“The Purple Door Theater is a real treasure.”

“As a parent, I was beyond impressed and look forward to future experiences.”

“My daughter learned so much and made great friends! It is a safe and nurturing environment for her to take risks and try new things!”

“Seeing the friendships and cooperative spirit among the cast and crew was so inspiring!”

“The tour was a neat experience for the kids. The close friendships made/relationships built were a highlight. Wearing such elaborate costumes was fun. Leading audience members in activities after the shows gave the kids another chance to show their confidence.”

“For my child, performing in the theater was a big highlight as were costumes. She also enjoyed making new friends. For me, I was thrilled to see her confidence increase and for her to have the opportunity to perform in multiple settings for a range of audiences.”

“The children came together as a ‘family’. They learned from each other and had a great time making new friends, having fun, learning new things.”

“I volunteered several days “wrangling” the kids, and they listened well and knew what was expected of them.”

“These kids are so fortunate to have this opportunity! You do wonderful things! These kids lives are molded by your belief in their abilities and gifts.”

“Thank you so much for providing such exceptional opportunities for kids. Northfield is blessed by having the Arts Guild in our town. Our kids are so lucky to be able to learn and grow from your classes and the community you provide is supportive and fun! Excellent work!”

“Thank you so much for this program – it was a very positive experience for my child and for our family. I was SO proud on opening night!”

“I think the PDYT is a really great organization that fits in so well with Northfield and the arts that this town provides. It’s a bonus that children who are elementary age can participate and that they learn so much about theater as opposed to just performing in a play. We also really liked the fact that professionals were teaching the children. This just adds to the experience. PDYT is fantastic!”


Contact PDYT Director Rachel Haider at or Guild Education and Volunteer Manager at


The audition/interview process is fun and low-pressure. However, the decision-making process begins the moment you walk through the door.

Be prepared, be nice, (never smug) and enjoy the opportunity to show your stuff. It’s okay… everyone is nervous. Try to stay positive, have a good attitude and enjoy the experience.

Previous acting or technical experience is not required.

We expect all artists with PDYT productions to be committed to doing and behaving their best – on and off stage.

It’s important that we’re able to assess each student’s independent abilities. Unless a special circumstance or need demands a parent’s assistance, this is your young artist’s time to shine. Parents will be asked to stay in another area.


Pick a monologue (from our choices) that you like. Memorize it and show us the appropriate emotion for the character. That face of yours is great for that. But keep it real. Crazy isn’t acting.

Move and speak simply, clearly and with confidence. Practice introducing yourself by name.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in which you can freely move.

No need to use any props to do your monologue or reading; just use your imagination.

Show us your best self, forget your nerves and have fun. 


The interview won’t be scary; it’s more like a discussion. The tech director will chat with you about some of your strengths and about things you like to do. She might ask you about your ideas for things you imagine in the show. She might ask you why you want to be a technician. There’s not really anything to prepare in advance. Just relax and be yourself; that’s the best assessment as to if this will be a good fit.

Past Purple Door Youth Theater Productions

Matilda, the Musical – 2019

The Wizard of Oz – 2019

The King’s New Clothes (touring Project Purple Door show) – 2018

Les Misérables School Edition – 2018

A Christmas Carol – 2016

You Can’t Take It With You, a radio play (touring Project Purple Door show) – 2016

Robin Hood – 2016

Alice@Wonderland – 2015

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More educational theater is available all year-round. Check out our ongoing Education Programming and summer Young People’s Theater Workshop.

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