Gift Shop

Visit our Gift Shop for unique gifts handmade by 100+ local and regional member artists.  Quarterly rotation means there is always something new!

All year long, our Gift Shop gives patrons the opportunity to purchase original, handmade works of art as gifts or to add to their personal art collections. It features handmade wares by Guild Member artists to fit any budget, including unique jewelry, home decor, seasonal items, and much more!  If you are an artist interested in selling in our Gift Shop, please contact our Visual Arts Manager, Heather Lawrenz at to set up an appointment to review your work.


Find work from the following artists in the Northfield Arts Guild Gift Shop:

Artist Name Medium
David Allen Painting
Siro Amerson Painting
 Kathy Anderson Fiber
Lisa Anderson Painting
Marion Angelica Ceramics
Wendell Arneson Painting
Dominique Bereiter Jewelry
Mary Bleckwehl Books
Jim Bohnhoff Books
Paul Briggs Ceramics
Carla Brown Painting
Bud Bullivant Sculpture
Chris Casper Photography
Robert Christy Painting
Christie Clarke Ceramics
Cathy Collison Glass
Tom Cornish Glass
Ruth Crane Jewelry
Marilyn Cuellar Drawing
Sara Cura Jewelry
Joy Davis-Ripley Photography
Patsy Dew Photography
Solveig Dittmann Jewelry
Liz Dolezal Ceramics
Toni Easterson Fiber
Mona Eastman Books
Rachel Egeberg Painting
Susan Feigenbaum Ceramics
Doug Foxgrover Mixed Media
Mary Ellen Frame Photography
Joyce Francis Painting
Joel Froehle Ceramics
Debra Gangelhoff Fiber
Lisa Guthrie Painting
Jim Haas Ceramics
Sue Hammes-Knopf Jewelry
Peggy Hanson Fiber
Emily Haskell Ceramics
Susan Hayes Batiks
Reid Hendershot Wood
Sharon Henry Painting
Sonja Hillestad Ceramics
Kristine Hites Ceramics
Keith Homstad Icons
Todd Jacobs Photography
Rose Marie James Glass
Allison Johnson Jewelry
Kirsten Johnson Painting
Becky Jokela Pastels
Marnie Karger Paper
Janet Kelling Fiber
David Killen Painting
Judy Kinstad Glass
Marsha Kitchel Painting
Riki Kölbl Nelson Painting
Judy Kutulas Ceramics
Heather Lawrenz Jewelry
Mary Lee Paper
Glynnis Lessing Ceramics
Krisi Lillie Painting
Tom Maakestad Painting
Kathy Mack Fiber
Ann Madland Jewelry
Jean Manrique Fiber
Allan Mathison Painting
Dennis McClintock Photography
Kathy Mellstrom Jewelry
Fred Miller Photography
Kathy Miller Painting
Sharol Nau Mixed Media
Katherine Norrie Printmaking
Bob Nyvall Painting
Karen Oiseth Painting
Donovan Palmquist Ceramics
Sue Pariseau Ceramics
Gwen Partin Mixed Media
Barb Pendergrass Painting
Candace Peterson Jewelry
Harry Popiel Photography
Claudia Poser Ceramics
Patricia Remes Painting
Colleen Riley Ceramics
Lucky Rimpila Glass
Laura Sathre Baskets
Judy Saye-Willis Fiber
Steve Scheu Glass
Juliane Shibata Ceramics
Jan Shoger Painting
Ann Singsaas Painting
Denny Skou Photography
Jill Smith Jewelry
Helen Stoerzinger Fiber
Nancy Stroessner Fiber
Lars Stromayer Wood
Rick Swearer Glass
Rebecca Tolle Painting
Mar Valdecantos Drawing
Johnny Walker Ceramics
Candace Wilkinson Painting
Tom Willis Ceramics
Jennifer Wolcott Sculpture
Kate Woodstrup Ceramics
Nanci Yermakoff Painting