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Fiber Anew
January 12 – March 31, 2018
Felted and embroidered works by Jean Manrique

Please join us for an Artist Reception on Friday, January 12 from 7 – 9 pm.
  Refreshments will be served.



Artist Statement:
Nature inspires my work. As well as using nature as a frequent image in my work, I also use natural fibers, such as wool, silk and cotton, plant based dyes, organic indigo, and local leaves and blossoms. I began as a knitter, which led to wet and needle felting and then added natural dyeing, eco printing and indigo and shibori to my repertoire. Lately I’ve been working with hand stitching and shashiko techniques in the spirit of the slow stitch movement – allowing the time spent stitching to be a calming and meditative act. I’m also challenging myself to use my sewing scraps, dye samples and shibori practice pieces in creative and artful ways.


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