Archer House Gallery

Northfield – On Location
Plein air paintings by Robert Christy
March 2  – June 30, 2018

Artist Statement:

My story and I’m sticking to it!

When I was very young I drew pictures in crayon of WWII battle scenes. My first real oil painting was a paint-by-numbers landscape when I was 10 or 11.  When I was 14, I read Dali’s “Diary of a Genius” but I preferred Max Ernst. Later, I was a teen fan of Manet, Matisse, Kandinsky, finally Pollock. I was always making things with my hands, and my father taught me woodworking, wood finishing, and painting basics.


I learned my best drafting skills looking through a microscope in college biology classes and drawing what I saw. Got an MA in philosophy from the U of Washington (Seattle) and tried to go on but could not go on, so I bailed on academia and took up painting full time in 1986. This began a period of 20 years on the road where I traveled the West Coast and Midwest continually.  During the winters, I painted in Southern California and the desert Southwest; spring and fall I traveled up and down the California coastal highway; and spent summers in the Midwest, mostly in Eau Claire, Bayfield WI, and Herman, MN.


I had friends, galleries to show in, studios and workshops to work in, from Seattle to San Diego (including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Los Angeles, Borrego Springs, and Bisbee AZ). In the Midwest, I showed often in Chicago and Eau Claire, WI, and way back when even showed a few pieces in the long gone, audacious “Rifle Sport Gallery” in Minneapolis.

Recently, I moved to Northfield to be near family, and the Riverwalk soon became my favorite place to paint. I spent much of this past summer painting plein air there (and not just on the nice days!). All but one of these paintings comes from those sessions. If you need a category for the style, call it “plein air pop expressionism.”


Since I am new in town, I am trying to meet new friends, network with artists, and make support connections. Currently, I am looking for a woodshop or an available work space (I have a shop’s worth of tools). I’m a skilled finish carpenter and could give lessons/ assist in projects in trade – canvas stretcher building, frame making, etc.  Would also maybe trade paintings for studio space? Don’t be Minnesota shy there, call me at 715-308-1965, and visit my website at

Have a Nice Day!


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