Upcoming Exhibits

Woven Lives: Beyond the Classroom

July 19-Aug 25, 2018

Featuring Current Northfield Area K-12 Art Educators:
John Bade, Angie Ekern, Rafael Estrella, Karna Hauck, Chris Holmquist, Ren Kurtz, Jill Luoma-Overstreet, Erica Ness, Katherine Norrie, Vicki Stanley & Kate Woodstrup.

Please join the participating artists on a Talking Tour of the exhibition on Friday, July 20 from 6-7 pm, then stay for the Opening Reception from 7-9 pm.  Refreshments will be served.

Students, past and present, will enjoy seeing the artwork (ceramics, prints, drawings, paintings and mixed media) of their teachersMany of these artists have shown their work independently; this exhibition represents the second time that this group of artists has displayed collectively. These colleagues often interact in their professional capacity as art teachers; the Guild is proud to give them this platform to showcase the work they create outside of the classroom.


Collective Artist Statement:

As art teachers, we are GIVERS. We give of our time, our energy, our compassion and our ideas. We are also CREATORS. We value time in the studio considering our own thoughts and passions, and how we want to communicate these ideas through the visual language. The creative process fills our cups, just as we see it fill the cups of many young people on a daily basis.
Our lives are woven together through this show and the many ways that we have the privilege to interact because of our rich history of experience together growing creativity in young people. It is a privilege and an honor for us to do this life work in the classroom and to share this work that we do beyond the classroom with you. Our thanks to the Northfield Arts Guild for creating a space for us to shine and be recognized as the artists that we are.


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