Allina Whole Person Care Gallery

Autumn Colors
photographs by Michael Wetteland
October 3, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Artist Statement
There is something elusive that touches and captivates me in the blossom’s detail, the magnificence of a grand landscape, or the minutiae of the forest floor. It is there in the fragrance of lilac, the oblique light of an autumn afternoon, or the wind moving through prairie grass. It is palpable yet eludes concept and description.

Experienced, I wish to express and share it with others. My endeavor to do so utilizes the medium of digital photography to capture the raw materials for an image. I do not use the medium to document an event or moment in time. I use it to capture a moment that will become the foundation for an image that will move beyond a photographic document. Creating the image, that is to bring the raw digital file to completion, I use the wonderful artistic tools the photographic medium offers today.

My intent is to create a bridge of light, color, and form between myself and the viewer. If I am successful the image becomes an invitation for the viewer to enter, participate in, and hopefully enjoy what the landscape has shared with me.