Treat Your Valentine to a Great Night Out

More than mystery will be afoot at the Northfield Arts Guild presentation of The Case of the Riverboat Rendezvous, says director Peggy Sheldon. “It will be a really fun evening, with a ‘Name That Detective’ quiz, some wonderful food, and a hilarious explanation of life in The Good Ol’ Days by Jane Greenwood, who opens the show.” Sheldon and Greenwood collaborated to explore the steamy era of the Gay 90s. The result is a comedic audience warm-up as diners prepare to watch the show.

As for the quiz, “Both the Guild and the golf club have donated prizes for winners of the detective quiz, and six people each night will win free beverage and performance vouchers, compliments of the Arts Guild and golf club,” Sheldon says.

Spoiler Alert: The show will end with a different solution each night, so don’t expect the Saturday night crowd to give anything away. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Only 100 seats per night; tickets are available at the Arts Guild office, 304 Division Street or online here.