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September 30 – October 9, 2016
Directed by Justin Cervantes
Tracy Lord – played by Esme’ Etter
Dinah Lord – played by Grace Muth
Margaret Lord – played by Jeanne LaBerge-Dunlop
Seth Lord – played by Charlie Black
Sandy Lord – played by Charlie Krenzel
Uncle Willie Lord – played by Paul Sequin
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie – played by Jennifer Pike
Macaulay (Mike) Connor – played by Justin Cervantes
George Kittredege – played by Bryan Reed
C.K. Dexter Haven – played by Jon Larson
Elsie/May – played by Allison Eddy
Mac, Thomas and Edward – played by Russ Paladin

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A fundraiser to benefit the Northfield Arts Guild
October 27 – 29, 2017
Co-directed, co-choreographed, co-produced by Mary Hahn and Megan Proft
Musical Director – J-P Douglas and Vocal Director – Megan Proft

Frank-n-Furter – Brendon Etter
Brad – Steve Lawler
Janet – Shari Setchell
Riff Raff – Kevin Ideker
Magenta – Megan Proft
Columbia – Wendy Placko
Eddie/Dr. Scott – Garrick Dietze
Rocky – Paul McGuire
Narrator – Matt Drenth
Phantom – Mathew Carney-Ubl
Phantom – Ann Etter
Phantom – Mary Hahn
Phantom – Erika Hoelscher
Phantom – Charlie Mandile
Phantom – Patrick Moser
Phantom – Sam Noonan
Phantom – Paul Seguin
Phantom – Sedrik Spradling

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Dial M for Murder poster imagejpg

 February 17 – February 26, 2017
Directed by Brendon Etter
MARGOT WENDICE…..Elin Odegaard
MAX HALLIDAY – Kevin Chapman
THOMPSON…..Rolf Kragseth

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April 21 – April 30, 2017
Directed by Rachel Haider

Doctor:  Theo Ash
Kate Keller:  Allison Eddy
Captain Arthur Keller:  Kevin Dahle
Helen Keller:  Kyra Reverman
Martha:  Maggie Muth
Percy:  Nicky Hosterman
Aunt Ev: Susan Carlson
James:  James Ayers
Anagnos:  Russ Paladin
Annie Sullivan: Brynn Artley
Viney: Kate Southwick
Blind Child / Jimmy: Isaac Leer
Blind Child / Crone: Bea Watts
Blind Child / Crone: Rachel Halling
Blind Child / Crone: Kiara Artley
Blind Child: Silas Leer
Blind Child: Grace Ryden
Belle: Xena

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June 9 – 17, 2017
Directed by Deon Haider

Alonso: Bryan Reed
Antonio: Kevin Chapman
Gonzalo:  Charlie Black
Sebastian: Larry Tolle
Miranda:  Esme’ Elzi
Prospero: Brendon Etter
Caliban:  Jonathan Larson
Ariel:  Birch Carlson and Taylor Heitman (Ariel will be dually played)
Ferdinand: Sean Meagher
Trinculo:  Pauline Jennings
Stephano: Jerry Fox
Adrian/Mariner: Dylan Nuebel
Francisco/Mariner: Russ Paladin
Boatswain:  Peter Webb
Spirits of the Island:  Carson Bechtel, Josie Hauck, Bronwyn McDermott, Audrey Sorenmann

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