Our new database is here!

Folks, it has arrived…our new database! The NAG office couldn’t be more excited about this change. While yes, we’re an arts organization and like to be creative, fun, and energetic, we also provide many meaningful services to our community, and this database will help us do that more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, the new database allows us to align all operations within the Guild (membership, ticketing, class registration, gift shop merchandise, etc.).

As class registration opens today, those reading who often register for classes will notice some BIG changes to online registration. It’s a new system for everyone (us too!), so please bear with us as we help you through the process.

Here are a few of the changes that you’ll notice with our new system:

  • The new system allows you to create a shopping cart (think Amazon, or Target, or any other big online retailer). This means you can register for as many classes as you want all at the same time!!  You can even add a membership or donation at the same time, too. No more entering your contact and credit card information several times–woo hoo! You can always get back to your shopping cart by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner on any northfieldartsguild.org web page.
    Screenshot of top menu bar, arrow pointing to shopping cart link
  • You have the option to create an account within the system, which can be very handy if you register for classes often. It will save your information and save you time in the future (I highly recommend it!). Or you can continue as a guest without creating an account each time you register for a class.
    Registration page screen shot
  • If you’re a NAG member, you must create an account (click “register” in the upper right hand corner the first time) and sign in in order to receive your 10% class discount! The system will automatically link you up to your membership (provided that enough of your contact information matches what we have in the system for you) and automatically give you your 10% class discount. If you register and sign in but it is not recognizing you as a member, please call the Office at 507-645-8877, and we’ll get it straightened out for you.
  • To register for a class, just click on the class title or session (if applicable) of the class you wish to register for! Enter the quantity you would like. It will ask you for registration information, including contact information, age and grade of youth under age 18, and give you a notice about required forms that must be completed prior to your first class in the 2015-16 school year. Find another class to register for, or enter your credit card information, and voila! Registration complete :-)
    payment screen shot
  • A few of our classes are being registered through Northfield Community Services in an exciting partnership that we have going with them this year. Those classes are: Modern Dance, Little Picassos Club, Picassos Club, and Painting with Acrylics for Middle Schoolers. Clicking on the titles of those classes will bring to the Northfield Community Services registration website.
  • Why all the un-even numbers for member rates in this brochure? Previously, we had been giving members *a little more* than 10% off classes (why? Because we love you!). But the new system unfortunately only allows us to give a pure 10% off from the non-member price.  These new member rates reflect this 10% discount.

We’re here to help as we all learn this new system! Please don’t hesitate to email office@northfieldartsguild.org or call 507-645-8877 if you have any questions or concerns.

The new database was made possible by a generous grant from the Mardag Foundation. We are grateful for their support in helping the organization to improve its infrastructure and provide the best possible customer service that we can!