Northfield Hospital Seeks Public Artists

NFLD Hospital gallery space
“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity”– Hippocrates

Northfield Hospital & Clinics seeks an Artist to design, fabricate, and install a Recognition Wall that will honor exceptional individuals and long-time employees. (See for information on the organization.)


The project is open to invited artists, age 18 and over, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability.


The project will be funded by Northfield Hospital & Clinics, which has a budget of $10,000 – $17,000 which must cover all associated costs of the installation, including but not limited to, design, fabrication, lighting, materials, labor, transportation, insurance, and installation of the artwork.

Description and Requirements:

The project is an installation which will need to balance the subjective qualities such as “exceptional care” with the objective quantities such as “22 years of service” in an integrated whole.

Subjective: 3-4individuals, changed annually
Objective: 81 names with an additional estimated 10 names each year

The Recognition Wall will demonstrate that Northfield Hospital & Clinics has a culture where people care wholeheartedly, provide exceptional care, and are committed to spending their careers. Exceptional care + Longevity of service (two separate qualities; not the same individuals) Where they intersect: Devotion to the profession of care.

Key Concepts
• Exceptional Care
• Culture of Excellence
• Legacy of Dedication
• Personal Commitment
• Body & Spirit
• Sincerity
• Appreciation
• Kind acknowledgment
• Thematic continuity with Hospital history display (see attached)
• Adaptability – change photo portraits of four honorees annually
• Easy to clean
• Integration of subjective and objective honors

Northfield Hospital & Clinics has selected a location for the Recognition Wall within the Main Entrance Lobby area of Northfield Hospital, adjacent to the Gift Store and Front Desk. The selected wall is roughly 22 feet long with a curved portion of the wall roughly 7 feet high with a ceiling at approximately 11 feet high. There are active office spaces on the other side of the wall, such that the general arrangement of the wall is fixed. The wall has interior windows between the hall and offices. A large south facing window is located at the end of the hall with interior windows to the gift shop on the wall opposite the recognition wall.

Selection Criteria & Process

Selection of a minimum of two finalists will be made by a Committee composed of Northfield Hospital & Clinics staff and a community member from Northfield with Arts expertise. The committee will minimally consider:
-Qualifications Review
-Demonstrated ability to develop a concept and successfully install artwork
-Local or regional artists will be given preference
-Experience with Recognition Walls or similar Public Installations

The finalists will receive a $500 stipend to develop specific proposals for final presentation to the committee for final artist selection. The selected artist will contract with the Northfield Hospital & Clinics to design, fabricate, and install the artwork. The artwork will be owned by Northfield Hospital & Clinics with the Artist retaining copyright to the work. The Artist must grant Northfield Hospital & Clinics permission to use images of the artwork for educational, promotional, and other purposes related to the functioning of Northfield Hospital & Clinics.

Steve Wilmot, Architect, will collaborate with the selected artist to develop architectural lighting improvements to enhance the installation.

Submission Materials

1. Letter of Interest (no more than 2 pages with contact information, artist biography)
2. Letters of Reference (3 letters of reference from past clients including one for a project of similar nature)
3. Relevant project examples (up to 10 projects – photographic and written description of work, process, & installation; may be printed or CD/DVD)

Submission Deadline (delivered) August 1, 2016
Finalists Notified August 18, 2016
Finalist Proposals Due (present in person) September 9, 2016
Artist Selection September 15, 2016
Fabrication & Installation September – November
Dedication Early December 2016

Inquiries to:
Steve Wilmot, AIA
Inquires must be received no later than one week before the submission deadline, so that replies can be made.
Submit Qualifications to:
Wilmot Architecture Office
26 E. Exchange St. #407
St. Paul, MN 55101