NAG Theater collaborates with Brazillian visual artists

A Rotary International Exchange youth, Daniel Ribeiro from Brazil, recently stayed in Northfield and was looking for an arts-related experience. Where did he turn? The Northfield Arts Guild! Over the course of his stay, he assisted the Guild in photographing events, working on our marketing database, and helping to prepare for our YPTW 25th Anniversary. He also wanted to stretch his graphic design skills and began working with Rachel Haider, NAG Performing Arts Manager, on generating imagery ideas for our upcoming season.

His next idea, though, took it to a new level. Daniel asked if he could send the information to some friends back in Brazil to get their imagery ideas. See below for their fantastic visual renditions of our upcoming season, and thanks to the artists for their time and energy!

A Streetcar Named Desire

Blanche holding Stanley's arms. Cartoon laser eyes on him. Stanley with crossed arms. Cartoon raindrops in background.

Images by Daniel Ribeiro 

Winter Wonderettes

4 cartoon heads singing around a hanging microphone. 4 cartoon faces and legs on top with falling snowflakes below.

Images by Jho Oliveira

Robin Hood (Purple Door Youth Theater)

Robin Hood on gold crown at bottom. Arrow pointing down from the top. Trees in background.

Image by Guilherme Reddin

Crimes of the Heart

Large red heart in background. 50s woman in foreground blowing on her finger. Crimes of the Heart is curvy font at bottom.

Image by Victor Deschamps

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

03-1-1 (1) 01-1-1 (1)

Images by Jho Oliveira