classes are suspended through april 30

We have suspended programming through the end of April in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for understanding and for your patience as we continue to monitor things. Stay safe and healthy!

SPRING DANCE CONCERT! All our dancers have an opportunity to perform in the Spring Dance Concert! It is a wonderful time to invite your family and friends to experience the hard work you’ve been up to and show your love of dance! The Spring Dance Concert will be held at 5 p.m. Sunday, May 10 at the Northfield High School Auditorium.

earlier this semester

Did you miss one of these classes or want to take it again? Let us know! Email Education and Volunteer Manager Megan Proft at with class requests or ideas – we do our best to offer what our community wants!


Creative Dance focuses on the joyful expression of movement and the nourishment of the dancer as a whole. You’ll learn to build technique, and craft space, time, and energy into choreography, and gain confidence performing. Grow in cognitive, emotional and social intelligence through creative problem-solving, improvisation and collaboration with others. Ages 3 to 5. Instructor: Sophia Diehl


Pre-Ballet is designed to prepare you to move into the ballet track. You’ll build body awareness and relational skills while you develop strength and healthy alignment through ballet and modern exercises. With a physical foundation in place, you’ll develop your artistic voice through choreography, improvisation and performance. Ages 5 to 7. Instructor: Sophia Diehl


Get to know the vocabulary of classical ballet as you develop strength and an understanding of this beautiful art form. You’ll learn technique and choreography as you explore the fundamentals of ballet, while growing in your love of dance as a whole. Some ballet experience is helpful, but not required. Ages 7 to 11. Instructor: Eve Wiley


The distinct movement vocabulary of classical ballet develops a strong body that expresses both beauty and grace. Focus on healthy anatomical placement! Those with Ballet 1 experience will be able to continue growth in the beautiful dance form of classical ballet. Your voice and expression as a dancer will build as you move through our ballet program. Ages 7 to 11. Instructor: Eve Wiley


In this class you’ll build a higher level of achievement and strength. Dancers will be expected to articulate basic ballet technique and to perform longer ballet combinations while also growing their individual creative expression. Focus will be on building strength and balance at the barre and in the center to prepare for our work on pointe. Pointe work begins after a student has acquired proper placement and strength on demi-pointe. Ages 11+. Instructor: Shari Setchell


Develop your stamina, strength and speed as we continue to grow our pointe work together. This class is designed for intermediate dancers who are ready to commit to the intense study of ballet. Classes include longer combinations at the barre and center as well as stretching and strengthening exercises.  Adults who have taken ballet in the past are welcome to join this class. Ages 14+. Instructor: Shari Setchell


Modern dance takes you on a soulful and rigorous exploration of movement! You’ll develop balance, coordination, strength, and healthy alignment, then apply these physical skills by learning combinations and creating movement patterns. Learn to express ideas through movement and become an articulate communicator. This class integrates the mind, body and spirit through the study of dance technique and performance. Ages 8+. Instructor: Sophia Diehl


Advanced Modern continues to explore the elements of modern dance with greater specificity. You will refine your balance, spinal articulation and alignment through classical modern technique. You’ll approach dance through the sensory and intuitive movement of post-modern technique. Become a dynamic artist, with the ability to learn movement material in a variety of forms and to synthesize it into expressive choreography! Ages 12+ with 3 years dance experience. Instructor: Sophia Diehl


Discover the fun and exciting art form of tap dance! You’ll start out learning the fundamental steps of tap, then move on to developing technique through simple combinations. Ages 7+. Instructor: Jake Nehrbass

TAP 2/3

Build on the skills you’ve already acquired! You’ll improve your technique while continuing to grow in your love of dance and movement. Tap experience required. Ages 7+. Instructor: Jake Nehrbass


Take tap to the next level! You’ll explore more complex steps and choreography. You’ll grow a deeper understanding of rhythm and physicality. Tap experience required. Ages 9+. Instructor: Jake Nehrbass


NEW CLASS! Join Rita for this exciting new mash-up workshop where you’ll put fresh moves to the driving electronic beats of Afropop – contemporary African music with Western sounds and influences. You’ll learn modern adaptations of African dance styles, and intertwine them with Latin movements in a dynamic and colorful routine. Wear bright colors (optional) to give the choreography even more pop! Ages 13 to 19. Instructor: Rita Gomez


Now in its 11th season, the Dance Theater Company includes technique classes as well as choreography. Dancers create pieces in ballet, jazz and modern to be performed at Imagination Celebration on April 4 at 1:30 pm. Dancers need to be currently enrolled in a dance technique class at the Guild, have at least 2 years of dance experience and instructor permission. Ages 10+. Instructors: Kathleen Pender & Shari Setchell