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We are excited to present this summer education programming, but it is dependent on arriving at a moment where gatherings of various sizes are deemed safe by the CDC, Minnesota Department of Health and you. Classes taking place are also dependent on enrollment – so please register! If for any reason classes cannot take place as scheduled, we will work with you to offer an online option, reschedule the program or refund you in full. 

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Did you miss one of these classes or want to take it again? Let us know! Email Education and Volunteer Manager Megan Proft at with class requests or ideas – we do our best to offer what our community wants!


NEW CLASS! If you take a look around, you’ll see that our world is full of colorful potential! In this two-day workshop, you’ll identify locally found plants, flowers, food scraps and wood shavings for colors to use in natural dying. Learn how to extract the dye materials, prepare natural fabric for dying and basic resist designs. You’ll be preparing two dye baths from different local materials for cotton and silk samples. Leave the workshop with two dyed cotton napkins and a dyed scarf. All ages are welcome. Instructor: Judy Saye-Willis


ONLINE CLASS! Creating Community Club (CCC) is an art club for young adults on the autism spectrum. Create art collaboratively and individually this fall with CCC! This program prioritizes social connections made through the arts while simultaneously providing opportunities to stretch artistic technique and provide an outlet for personal growth and creative expression. Participants are encouraged to be “group ready.” Ages 14+. Instructor: Bridget Novak


POSTPONED – WATCH FOR A NEW DATE IN 2021. Ninety-five percent of people’s mental activity isn’t fully conscious. How do we react to art? What imagery grabs us most? Come hear Dan Hill, author of First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art, speak about the groundbreaking and longest ever conducted study that used eye-tracking technology to discover how we take in art. You’ll also hear about how seven core emotions are expressed when we view art. This inside scoop is not only fascinating, but can inform anyone creating portraits, both printing and photographing. Instructor: Dan Hill


NEW CLASS! Learn the fundamentals of the lazy stitch and spot stitch traditionally used by Eastern and Great Lakes Woodland Native American artists to create intricate floral designs! You will use these beautiful and interesting techniques to design and execute a bug/insect on fabric or leather. These can be made into a pin, barrette, or applied to a bag or jacket. You won’t want to miss this unique workshop. If you have specific beads you would like to use, you are welcome to bring them. A $15 materials fee will be paid directly to the instructor at class. There will be a 30-minute lunch break during class.


NEW ONLINE CLASS! In this class, you will learn how to seed a story through interpretive collage, freewriting and storyboarding. You’ll practice ways to quickly collage, write interpretations and gather inklings. From there, you’ll work on storyboarding a short story or longer work. You’ll have a product you can continue to embellish as well as tools you can apply to future writing projects! Instructors: Amy Hallberg and Cheryl Ramette


This class will not be meeting this summer. Watch for it to return in future semesters! Part open studio, part instruction, part experimentation, this class will meet your individual needs based on your creative goals. Riki Kölbl Nelson, an artist and arts educator, has taught students aged 9 to 90. She provides exercises designed to stretch the skills and creativity of the participants. You’ll be part of a facilitated group, gaining feedback and encouragement to take your art making to the next level for both beginning and advanced students. You can choose your preferred medium to work in – watercolors, acrylic, pastels or color pencils – and purchase your own materials for the class. This class can also be helpful for those who wish to add artwork to their memoirs. Some materials for the students will be on hand at the first session. This class takes place at the Northfield Retirement Community’s Parkview Center, 910 Cannon Valley Dr W. Instructor: Riki Kolbl Nelson


NEW CLASS! Embroidery is one of the most portable and accessible needle arts around! With just a needle and colored floss, the world is your expressive oyster! You’ll look at vintage examples and updated designs with a vintage feel, as well as how contemporary artists are using embroidery to communicate a cause. You’ll learn a variety of stitches and talk about design and layout. Whether you want to embellish your clothes and jeans, or want a relaxing project to go with you as you travel or hang out at home, you’ll be able to easily fit your hoop and floss in a resealable bag. All tools and materials provided. Each student will work on an individual project with the creative support of a group. All levels welcome. Instructor: Kathleen Richert


Discover the ancient art of batik, a process of dying cotton using wax resist. You’ll use wax and dye in progressive layers. Then iron the finished pieces between newspapers to remove the wax. Your result will be a unique one-of-a-kind design! Be sure to wear old clothes as you’ll be working with hot wax. Ages 14+. Instructor: Susan Hayes


NEW CLASS! This class has been postponed until fall 2020! Stay tuned for a new date. Artist Julie Fakler will teach you step by step on how to paint a portrait of your pet. You’ll learn about under painting, form, shape and color. Please email your pets photo to prior to class. Don’t have a pet but love animals? No problem! Photos of pets will be available. Wear clothes that can get paint on them! Instructor: Julie Fakler


NEW CLASS! Experience the dramatic, beautiful and fun medium of India or Sumi ink! In this two-part class, you’ll first prepare paper surfaces with diluted ink and watercolors. The second class will be dedicated to adding a selected subject with ink lines and bold shapes. This class will be taught online. Instructor: Kate Douglas


NEW CLASS! You might be amazed what a humble onion skin can do in the natural dye world! Join natural dye expert Judy Saye-Willis for this workshop where you will turn onion skins into beautiful nature dyes. Explore the differences between types of onion and sample them on different fabrics. During class you’ll dye a cotton string market bag or two organic cotton napkins, both will be treated and ready to dye. All ages welcome. Instructor: Judy Saye-Willis


NEW CLASS! This class has been postponed until fall 2020! Stay tuned for a new date. Sometimes art makes itself! Through the process of acrylic paint pouring, you’ll prepare supplies but the paint will do whatever it wants! This fun, kind of messy technique will give you amazing results that are different every time. Instructor: Kate Douglas


NEW CLASS! This class has been postponed until fall 2020! Stay tuned for a new date. Make the bridge between what you see in front of you to what you put down on paper! During this two-part class, you’ll practice drawing techniques specifically designed to improve observation skills. Both beginning and experienced artists will benefit from the skills you build in this class through individual and group exercises. All materials are provided. Instructor: Kate Douglas

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