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NEW CLASS!  Have you ever been in a choral rehearsal struggling to learn a new piece? Do the first couple of musical rehearsals for a show feel overwhelming? In this course for ages 14 and up, learn basic music notation, sight-reading techniques, and practice with your peers to overcome your sight-singing fears. .


ONLINE CLASS! Being calm and relaxed is the best way to enter into any performance situation. This class specifically focuses on the technique of Yin Yoga to achieve this relaxed place. Yin Yoga distinctively targets the fascia and joint system of the body and can help release tension stored in these tissues which might be preventing an actor, singer or dancer from reaching their highest potential. Enjoy four lovely evenings at home where you will unwind, rest and relax into your own perfection. You do not need to be a performer to participate, just someone in a body ready to unwind.


Singing in the shower is one thing, but singing for an audience or an audition is another! In this workshop you’ll learn how to present yourself for an audition, how to communicate character, and what the heck to do with your hands when you’re performing onstage.