Four children doing mixed media art at a table outside

Join Northfield Arts Guild staff at Inspiration Station – a roving art cart with art supplies, materials and ideas to spark your imagination. Try a project, play an art game, participate in a community art piece or make something of your own invention. We invite all ages, abilities, and interests to explore, tinker, and create!


Even in times when we can’t physically gather together, the Guild remains committed to Make Art Happen in our community, believing in the power of the arts to engage and connect us.

Thank you to all of you able to join us for our “virtual” Open Art on Monday, March 23 at 10 am and 11:30 am! We did two fun arts activities, “Create A World” and “Between the Lines”, to help fill the hours and inspire the spirit! These videos, in English and in Spanish, can be found on our Northfield Arts Guild Facebook page!

e-magination celebration!

Another exciting event we have coming up is our E-magination Celebration! On Saturday, April 4, from 10 am-2 pm, we will be uploading videos and sharing them to Facebook of all the activities we typically host during our annual Imagination Celebration. There will be virtual tours of our All School Art Show, shared performances, and more art lessons and activities!