Creative Minnesota Report about City of Northfield

How much do the Nonprofit arts and culture organizations contribute to the vibrancy of Northfield’s economy? $2.1 million a year!!

And that’s just the beginning of what we found out. The study quantifies the economic impact from 1269 arts and culture organizations in every corner of the state, in addition to information about jobs created, local vs. non-local attendees spending, nonprofit arts and culture organizational budgets, and artist employment levels. 

Sheila Smith, the Executive Director of MN Citizens for the Arts which facilitated the study, said ““One of the things I’ve learned from the Creative Minnesota studies is that when local arts nonprofits, elected officials, city staff, local business people and the EDA and CVB all start working together to make their town an arts destination, the collaboration can really makes things happen. People need to work together and promote the town’s attractions with one voice. The most powerful thing that people can do is sit down together at one table on a regular basis and see what can be done to push the community forward.”

You can view the findings in several ways: one-page report on Northfield, full Northfield report, or in a powerpoint presentation.

As the first of an ongoing series of biennial reports, Creative Minnesota is a snapshot of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences as well as other indicators of the sector’s health and impact on the economy in 2013. Read the press release about the project for more information.