Kari K Art
My art has grown out of a childhood of doodling, scrap booking before scrap booking was commercialized, making instead of buying presents, journaling, and daydreaming. As my children left home and founded lives of their own I also began doing book art. 

I began by decorating the outsides of notebooks with things I couldn’t quite throw away—the deed to my first car, notes from friends, scraps of ribbon and lace.  Eventually I made also books out of other recycled materials such as upholstery and wallpaper samples, handkerchiefs, diskettes, CDs, old photographs, and birch bark.

In 2011 I introduced essential journals, scaled down hardcover journals, which I am able to offer at a lower price point, and journals made from game boards.  I have since expanded to include book “danglie” ornaments, boxed sets of four season mini journals, and in 2019 tiny book earrings.