Birds of Belize and Guatemala

July 1st – September 30th, 2021


Artist Statement

The art of bird photography allows me to combine two of my greatest interests – birding and photography. I have birded and photographed birds throughout the United States, in all but four of the 87 counties of Minnesota, and internationally in Ecuador, Costa Rice, Panama, Peru, Mexico, and South Africa. This exhibit features a small selection of photos of the more than 400 birds seen on a recent birding trip to Belize and Guatemala’s Tikal National Park.

I enjoy the particular challenge of photographing birds. Birds don’t pose, and unless the photographer is in a blind, it is difficult to get close. Larger birds may remain still for extended periods of time, but the smaller ones often flirt frenetically from branch to branch, frequently in less-than-ideal light conditions and through heavy foliage. That makes the satisfaction of getting a good shot all the greater.


Red-legged Honeycreeper

Montezuma Oropendola

Gerald Hoekstra is a birder and photographer living in Northfield. His photographs appear in Bob Janssen’s Birds in Minnesota and several other publications; in several birding apps, including KrugerExplorer, BirdsEye, and Daily Bird; and are often featured on the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union home page. More of his photography can be viewed on his website on Flickr. As a photographer, his primary interests are landscapes, architecture, and wildlife—particularly birds. Before retiring, Hoekstra was Professor of Music at St. Olaf College, where he taught music history and directed the early historical music ensembles.

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