Guild Theater Lobby

oil paintings by Matt Klooster
Through April 26, 2020

This exhibition is presented in the lobby of our Guild Theater, in conjunction with our two spring plays, both of which are framed by history and place.

Artist Statement:

I recently read an article about the concept of ‘home’ in contemporary American culture. One quote really stood out to me – “A lot of people now come of age in places that feel like no place—a kind of vague American landscape, sculpted in part by corporations—which occasionally makes me wonder if homesickness, as a human experience, is itself on the verge of extinction.”  

Growing up, especially in my early years, the family farm brought the warmest memories I can recall!  I experienced seemingly endless excitement over the new adventures awaiting my curiosity. Greeting my aunts, uncles, and cousins visiting for the holidays, with the humor and tenderness of my grandma and grandpa buttressing my spirit. 

I spent most of my youth and 20 years of my adult life living away from Minnesota and during that time I would often silently pine over what it would be like to return to my roots. Typically, during those moments, I’d reflect back on scenes from the farm in my mind’s eye, so thankful I was blessed with a home to love and cherish.

–Matt Klooster

Guild Theater Lobby  |  411 Third Street West  |  Northfield, MN 55057