Art4Trails public art installations on Rochester bike trails!

Art4Trails is seeking proposals for at least two and up to four temporary outdoor, site-specific art installations at locations along the bike trails near downtown Rochester. One proposal per site up to four sites in total will be selected, and the artist will be awarded $3000 per site, $1,500 upon selection and $1,500 after installation. The art will be installed between June 1 and June 17, 2022.

Applications open January 3, 2022, and close February 18, 2022 at 11:45 pm.

Rochester Park and Trail system

The Rochester trails provide a convenient way to include activities such as inline-skating, biking, running and walking – either for getting to work and back or simply for recreation and exercise. Rochester has 85+ miles of bituminous or concrete-surfaced tails available for pedestrians, bikers, wheelchairs and strollers. Park and trail maps are available from the Park and Recreation department in city hall or on its website. Art4Trails site locations for 2022 temporary installations can be found here. They are at SilverLake Park by the old fire station, Mayo Park East by the playground, Slatterly Park by the picnic shelter and on a river landing near the waterfall sculpture at the end of Third St. SE.


Artists 18 years of age or older living in Minnesota and neighboring states are invited to submit proposals individually or collaboratively. Students who do not meet the age requirement can participate by having a teacher or guardian sponsor a proposal. Priority will be given to one student/mentor application if it meets the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged based on artistic merit as evidenced by representation of past work, the proposal itself, and other supporting materials. A review panel consisting of working artists, curators, arts professionals, community members, and a representative of the Parks and Recreation Department will review and select the winning proposals by March 18, 2022.
Selected proposals will enliven sites along the trail system in downtown Rochester between Silver Lake and Slatterly Park. Artistic quality must be of the highest standard in regard to design, materials, craftsmanship, assembly, and appropriateness to the character of the site. Projects must be in place on or before June 17, 2022.

Artists must consider the following criteria:

Artistic merit of the proposed work, including:
• Idea to be conveyed
• Key theme(s) engaged
• Appropriateness of media to idea
• Visual impact, including color, form and composition
• Harmony/compatibility with physical and social setting

Feasibility of the proposed work, including:
• Durability
• Public safety
• Risk assessment (risk will be assumed by the artist)
• Maintenance obligation

Ability of the artist to successfully complete the project, including:
• Training and experience
• Evidence of careful financial planning
• Technical competence
Review process
• Locations for artwork will be pre-selected and approved by the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department.
• The artwork must be of appropriate size and scale to fit in with its proposed surroundings
• Art4Trails will contact key members of the community or special interest groups to alert them of possibly incoming structures.
• The artwork must fit within any established parameters and settings already in place.
• Responsibility for securing all necessary permissions and permits, fabrications, installation, maintenance, and removal of artwork is assumed by the artist.
• Sites will be located along the bike trail from Silver Lake to Slatterly Park

Application Materials: Deadline February 18, 2022

Applicants must complete the application which requires the following:
• First and last name, address, city, state, county
• Artist Statement (1500 characters maximum)
• Project Proposal (6,000 characters maximum)
– What is the idea or concept of the piece? Describe what the project will consist of and/or look like.
– How will it be installed on location?
– What are your proposed installation and removal dates?
• Site preference (3 top choices). Locations for 2022 can be found here.
The following required materials should be emailed to within 24 hours of completing the form or before the February 18, 2022 deadline

Budget and resume saved in either Word or PDF format:
• Budget Outline: the $3,000 award will cover artist’s time and associated expenses for design and fabrication of the work. Artists should factor these costs into their budget.
– Budget should include: rental of equipment, cost of materials, artists fees, etc.
• Artists resume/C.V. (one page maximum).

Examples of previous work:
• Maximum 3-5 images or videos documenting work completed within the last two years. Images must be formatted digitally to the following specifications:
– JPEG format
–  Each image less than 3 MB in size
– Label each file with your last name, first name and number as a title. The number indicates the order in which you want the slides presented:  i.e. Lastname_Firstname_01.jpg, Lastname_Firstname_02.jpg, etc.
– Up to three additional images, sketches, models or renderings of what the project will look like may also be included with the last name, first name, “proposal” and number as a title. i.e. Lastname_Firstname_Proposal_01.jpg, Lastname_Firstname_Proposal_02.jpg, etc.
–  Video samples of up to 3 minutes via links to Vimeo or another web-based video file
–  Optional: include a separate Word or PDF document with descriptions of each piece (title, medium, size, etc.)
Submit your final application here and send required materials within 24 hours to or before February 18, 2022.

There is no fee to apply. Materials will not be returned.

Site Information
Restrictions and considerations:
• Installations must be at least 2 feet from the trail
• If a piece is meant to be interactive, it should be further from the trail to prevent crowds or standers by from blocking the trail.
• Artist is responsible for all maintenance and repairs if needed, e.g., vandalism.
• Art should be appropriate for its location. Site locations for 2022 installations can be found here.

Duration of Installation
Duration is for at least 11 months and up to one year (i.e. June 17 2022 until at least May 25, 2023 but no later than June 15 2023.) Work is to be continuously displayed during this time. Rochester Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to request that the artist remove or repair a work at any time during this period if circumstances require. At the end of the duration, the artist retains ownership of the work.

Artists will be notified about the result of their proposals via e-mail by March 18, 2022. At that time, artists for the temporary installations will be provided with a written agreement and will receive $1,500 of the award to purchase materials and work on the project upon receipt of the signed agreement. The final $1,500 will be awarded upon installation of the art. Inquiries about status of applications will not be accepted after the February 18, 2022 application deadline.

Art Sales
The art can be for sale; however, the artwork will remain on display on the trail for the designated time period per this call and the contract signing with the artist.

Unveiling event
An unveiling event is proposed for June 2022.

Additional information
For further information about the application process, please contact