The Orphans

BOY/PETER: Male, able to play a teenager
Beginning as a nameless, homeless, and friendless loner, through the course of the story Peter’s adventures allow him to find the hero within himself. Although hardened, this funny, curious, ambitious, and brave boy is the envy of his peers.  A scrappy and mischievous survivor, Peter becomes a true leader. Hidden inside his transformation is a secret longing for a proper home and family, and an admiration for Molly. When he discovers a trunk of Starstuff, it changes his life forever. Looking for an actor who can be genuinely earnest and sweet, while also heroic. 

PRENTISS:  Male, able to play a teenager
An orphan, ambitious, articulate, sarcastic and logical. A bit older than Peter but not as brave or charismatic.  He yearns to be leader, even when he knows in his heart that he’ll never be one. A bit of a pompous blowhard with a just a touch of cowardice. 

TED: Male, able to play a teenager
Despite his orphan frame, his obsession with food has earned him the nickname “Tubby” by Prentiss. Ted is sweet natured.  He speaks poetically and has an easy way with humor, without being cartoonish; inside his humor is a sense of longing and a fear of being alone. He accepts Molly as a mother figure immediately, often referring to her by that title. Once on the island, he spends most of his time attempting to figure out how to eat a pineapple.  

Aboard The Wasp

BLACK STACHE: Male, adult
Vocal range through G#
Stache is partial to the poetical and theatrical, which causes him to be a flamboyant showman. Though the dramatics might fool some, Black Stache is a dangerous villain to his very core; piracy is his personal mission, as is his eternal quest for a worthy adversary.  Heartless, understandably feared, and suspiciously intelligent and well read, Black Stache is malapropism-prone and can be a bit of an imbecile at times- his failures are followed by misdirected blame. Actor should have comedic timing and not afraid to act in a broad, and sometimes over-the-top style. 

SMEE: Any gender, adult
Soloist; Vocal range up to F4. Plays the ukulele. 
Utterly devoted to Black Stache, Smee is the perfect first mate sidekick. A simple and single-minded, funny little person, Smee is willing to follow the captain in any number of hare-brained schemes. 

SANCHEZ (may double as MACK): Any gender, adult
Sanchez works under Black Stache on The Wasp; a hard-working pirate with an identity crisis.  

The British Subjects

MOLLY ASTER: Female, able to play a teenager
Soloist; Vocal range is mezzo mix/belt, A3-C#5.
A young British girl and Starcatcher apprentice who is taken aboard the Neverland as precious cargo. When the ship sinks, she becomes stranded on the island with Peter. Curious, feisty, intelligent, and a true leader, she is only beginning to understand the confusing romantic longings that come with her age. Molly is hungry for adventure and is out to prove that girls can do anything boys can do–and do it better.  Desperate to prove herself to her father, she is as passionate as she is fearless, yet still socially awkward and something of a know-it-all. She will risk anything for the sake of what is right.  She can also talk to porpoises. 

Aster is the very model of an English gentleman, loyal to Queen Victoria, the country of England, and his family and friends. A trustworthy man, he’s the perfect person to be a Starcatcher, protecting the Earth and all who dwell there from the awesome power of Starstuff. When Black Stache captures The Wasp Aster is taken prisoner. However, he manages to escape and rushes to rescue his daughter, Molly, and the other children stranded on the island.  Aster loves his daughter dearly but is perhaps guilty of placing his mission above her safety. Constantly paranoid about the security of top-secret conversation, he has trained Molly to converse in DodoPorpoise and Norse code (a Morse code-like system used by ancient Vikings.)

MRS. BUMBRAKE: Any gender able to play female, older adult
Vocal range: alto or baritone
A proper, but brash, Englishwoman prone to alliteration, she is Molly’s nanny. Lovably bold with a big heart, she is British to the bone. Mrs. Brumbrake still has enough of her girlish charm to turn a sailor’s head and leaven his dreams. She is tiff in the lip, loose in the hip, and fun on a ship.

Captain Scott is the commander of the swiftest ship in Queen Victoria’s navy, The Wasp.  An old school friend of Lord Aster, he is the epitome of an adventurer, an athletic soul and former sports team captain. Filled with nautical bravura and heroic patriotism, he would like to continue forging new territory throughout his life, including a daring Antarctic expedition. Loosely based on the real Robert Falcon ScottThis actor should have good body strength and be able to lift people comfortably.

GREMPKIN (may double as FIGHTING PRAWN on Mollusk Island): Any gender, adult
Grempkin is the dark and oppressive headmaster at St. Norbert’s Orphanage, where the lost boys live.  Mean and smelly, Grempkin revels in keeping the boys in the dark and malnourished; nicknamed “The Angel of Anguish” by the boys.  

The Seafarers aboard The Neverland

BILL SLANK (may double as HAWKING CLAM on Mollusk Island): Any gender, adult
It is Slank’s greed for the Queen’s secret treasure that sets the entire plot in motion. Formerly an orphan, Slank is a dark and frightening person who knows no loyalties to anyone else.  The first mate of The Neverland; no skills as a sailor or as a leader; still seeking any way to command a ship.  Slank’s moral compass points only inward; would double-cross anyone. Slank is captured by the pirates, but soon escapes and joins a group of evil Starcatchers called The Others. Slank is vicious and greedy enough to send boys to their doom for the chance of gaining Starstuff.  

ALF: Male, older adult
Vocal range tenor to A
Alf is a rough-around-the-edges, working-class seadog who is prouder of his rank than he should be.  He imagines himself a hero in shining armor. Though he’s awkward, and his physical appearance is oaf-ish and unkempt, he has an inner charm and a kind, romantic heart which shine through his lumbering exterior. While on The Neverland, he falls deeply and instantly in love with Mrs. Bumbrake.

MACK (may double as Sanchez): Any gender, adult
Mack is a repressed and untalented sailor on The Neverland.  Mack would rather do anything other than be on a ship under the command (or thumb) of Bill Slank.

On Mollusk Island

TEACHER:  Any gender able to play female, adult
Vocal range mezzo or bari-tenor
Teacher is a wise and mysterious mermaid who became so after encountering Starstuff. She helps guard the trunk and tries to fend off Slank.   

FIGHTING PRAWN (may double as Grempkin): Any gender able to play male, adult
Fighting Prawn (King of Mollusks) is a fierce protector of his Mollusk Isle homeland. His disdain for England came when he was kidnapped and sold as a kitchen slave for a fine house. He worked as a sous-chef in Derbyshire where he mastered Italian cuisine, and his speech is peppered with Italian food references.  

HAWKING CLAM (may double as Bill Slank): Any gender able to play male, adult
Hawking Clam is the son of Fighting Prawn; he shares his father’s disdain for England.