The Lion in Winter depicts the tumultuous relationship between Henry II of England and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. With Eleanor recently released from prison, and their three sons arriving to spend time with the family on holiday, the question looms: who will be the next heir to the throne? Fraught with intrigue, each family member schemes to usurp the other. This delightfully wicked and ferociously funny drama by James Goldman investigates the balance between family roles and power structures, and how all can go sour when the chips are down. Directed by Rachel Haider.

Henry II, King of England – Jonathan Larson
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry’s wife – Pauline Jennings
Richard the Lionheart, their oldest son – Ben Pelegano
Geoffrey, their middle son – Raul Arambula
John, their youngest son – Quintin Brown
Alais, a French princess – Alison Haider
Philip, King of France – Samuel Mastin

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 23, 24, 25 (2021) at 7:00pm in Northfield’s Central Park

Thursday and Friday: July 29, 30 (2021) at 7:00pm in Northfield’s Central Park