Announcement of Mardag Foundation grant

Greetings from the Executive Director & Announcement of Mardag Foundation grant


Dear Friends of the Northfield Arts Guild,

I am excited to begin my second week at the Northfield Arts Guild working with the tremendous staff and board of directors to serve the Guild’s artists, members, students, collaborators and community.  I could not have asked for a better introduction to Northfield than last week’s Winter Walk – seeing the Center for the Arts building filled with so many visitors enjoying an incredible variety of performances, artworks and art making activities. If we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, I hope we will at an upcoming Guild event.

Special Opportunity
I am also writing to announce that the Guild has received an extraordinary grant from the Mardag Foundation that will match up to $15,000 in new or increased donations made now through August 31, 2018.

As you know, the Guild provides broad and essential opportunities for regional artists to perform and exhibit their work, youth and adults to gain critical access to arts education and activities, and for our community to engage with the arts and artists of our region. Your donation, doubled by the Mardag Foundation, will have an enormous impact on our continued service to our community.

Specifically, there are three ways you can take part and make your donation go further:

  • If you are a new donor –  100% of your donation will be matched
  • If you are an existing donor – 100% of any additional donation will be matched
  • If you make a pledge for 2018 or 2019  – 100% of any new/extended pledge will be matched

Mardag Foundation, like you, believes in the Northfield Arts Guild and is committed to make your donations go further! Special thanks to Alyssa Herzog Melby for securing this important grant and for all her remarkable work during her tenure as Executive Director.

There has never been a better time to give to the Guild. I hope you will join me and make a donation TODAY!


Tim Peterson
Executive Director
Northfield Arts Guild

p.s. please contact us at 507.645.8877 if you have any questions or wish to make a multi-year pledge!